The last 3 months

Yesterday, my son Zachary turned 3 months old.  Since his birth, my life has been completely turned upside down.  My wife and I are tremendously lucky in that we both essentially work from home.  Of course, as most parents know, this is both a blessing and a curse. It has been a challenge to figure out how to manage our schedules, spend time with Zach, spend time with each other, all while getting some work done.  But I think we’re finally starting to figure it out.



Also, last week, I spent a few days away from him and the family for the first time.  It was surprising to me how much I missed them all.  But the scenery helped a bit.  Whistler, British Columbia.  It’s the best ski resort I’ve ever been to, bar none.

2014-01-24 10.37.25


It only took me a year

At the end of 2012, on Christmas holidays in Winnipeg with the family, I had the delusional idea that I could finish a new website for myself by the end of that year. Of course, the holidays got in the way and once 2013 started my workload kind of got out of hand, and I ran out of any motivation to do it. So when Christmas 2013 came around, I was simultaneously embarrassed and motivated.

So now I have a website that is 95% done, but sometimes, that’s just how it has to be.  Sometimes, it’s better to be done, than perfect.  My old site served me well, but I had to move on.  Now, I’m concentrating more on responsive wordpress website design.  So I felt that my site had to reflect the shift.  Go ahead, change the size of your browser and you’ll see what I mean.

Let’s just hope it doesn’t take me a year and a half to do my next update.  Happy 2014