3 Commonly Asked Questions About Using Images on Your WordPress Blog

Image courtesy of Ragesoss under GNU FDL

As a part of your website on WordPress, you may have a blog. Your blog can be an important tool and a way to reach out to your customers. In order for your blog to accomplish the things that you want it to, you need to consider the content that you include on it. Visuals such as graphics, images and infographics are great things to include as part of your blog.  Here are some answers to common questions about using pictures and other visuals on your blog?

Do You Need a Visual with Every Post?

It is a good idea to have related images or graphs with every post on your blog. It helps to break up the text and you can use it to illustrate a point. Some blog posts may lend themselves to have more images, like if you have a blog post that illustrates how to complete a graph or make a dinner. If you do this, you can have an image that takes your reader through each step.

Where Can I Find Images?

There are a number of different places to find images. You can take the pictures yourself and edit them to use online. Camera phones have improved to the point that these images are often high enough quality to use yourself. You can find the images online. There sites that offer a subscription service that allow you to use their images for a monthly fee or to purchase different images to use on your blog. You can look for images that the owners allow you to use as long as you give them credit and post a link to the license. You should never just download images that you find without making sure that you have permission to use it. You can be sued for using images without the owner’s permission.

How Can I Find Infographics for My Blog?

There are a few different ways to find infographics. You can make the infographics yourself. There are websites online that will allow you to make an infographic online. Canva is one option that allows you to do that. Another option is to hire someone to create an infographic for you. You may also look online for an infographic that a website has created that they are willing to allow people to repost as long as you link back to their site. Any of these options will allow you to post an infographic that is relevant to your business.

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