Live Stream Church Services and Events During Covid-19


My wife, Kate Bowler, and I have been adapting to the COVID-19 protocols like everyone else, and being part of the Christian community as well as a web developer got me thinking that church congregations may be able to benefit greatly from a little assistance going online with interactive live streaming of Sunday services.


Even Wednesday evening gatherings, child care, or other community events may be transferable to the home environment.


We’ve been experimenting with a few apps and products that provide an all-encompassing ecosystem including:

  • Scheduled live streams for services and other events
  • Live group prayers in the live stream chats
  • Bible verse notation along side the live stream
  • Repeatable and/or one-off service scheduling
  • Donation links, and other layout and navigation customizations
  • Custom branding in the application interface
  • A Content Management System (CMS) for managing and curating the congregation and services


If your church needs to maintain or increase online giving and online tithing, we can help. If your church needs help maintaining an intimate, familiar, and interactive community, we can help. Contact me at and we can walk through the process.


Providing this quality of support for a congregation could be a game changer for affected families, and a meaningful way for churches to maintain operations during such a tumultuous period.


I hope you’re well, and taking care of your loved ones,


Why Should I Have Social Media on My Website?

Why it's important to have social media on a websiteSocial media is a great tool to help you expand your business. It is important that your website works well with social media so that your customers can easily share or like the things they find on your website. Once you have set up your social media accounts, you may be wondering how to incorporate them into your website.

Social Media Allows You to Make Connections to New Customers

The idea of finding new customers by word of mouth still exists. In fact, social media makes it possible for you to connect to even more customers, because when an existing customer likes something on your social media page or shares something from your website, it will appear in their feed and their followers will see it and learn more about your business.

Social Media Can Create Brand Awareness

Social media allows you to create brand awareness organically. When people see it in their feeds from friends or read reviews of your products or services online, this can help build the brand awareness. This means that they may click on your website when looking for a specific service or brand.

Social Media Allows You to Push Notifications Out to Followers

If you can gain followers on your Facebook page or to your Twitter or Instagram account, you have an easy built in system that allows you to share news of new products, services or any sales that you may be having. Sharing a post will allow your followers to see it, and you can ask people to follow you on your website through the right plug-in.

Choosing the Best Social Media Plug-In

The key to choosing the best plugin for your website is to determine how you want the social media to act on your site. Some people prefer social media buttons underneath their posts or on their pages that allow the users to share if they want to. One option is to have the buttons pop out when the user scrolls over them to bring attention to them. Other plug-ins allow you to create pop-ups to encourage people to share the information on Facebook or via another social media network.

Once you know what you want to accomplish with social media and your website, you should look for a plug-in that will work well with the other plug-ins you have installed on your site. This will help you site run more smoothly. Additionally, it is important to think about plug-ins that work well with mobile browsers and with web design for mobile devices since more people are using mobile to access the internet now.

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