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Kate Bowler

Kate is my wife, and a best selling author. Some of my favorite builds play on the integration of real-life artistic gestures into web based design.


falcon research associates

Falcon Research Assocaites is a small start-up that offers assistance to peoople in all levels in academia.


city of basketball

"This site is going to be one of the top sports websites in the city (of Philladelphia) in large part due to your work and I can’t thank you enough for that. Seriously that site is absolutely gorgeous" -Josh Verlin, Owner, Co-Founder of City of Love Basketball


youth justice NC

Youth Justice North Carolina wanted a clean, modern, functional design for their WordPress website. I went with simple colors, a mostly flat design, and a classic layout. I also did a simple logo for them.


Seashore Pharmacy

They needed something that captured the small-town feel of their pharmacies, but was still professional at the same time. Seashore and Thomas Drugs are North and South Carolina pharmacies located near the coast.


duke | world food policy center

Building for the World Food Policy Center was one of the many developments I did for Duke associated organizations.


Hayes Barton Pharmacy

Hayes Barton Pharmacy has been a part of Raleigh since opening in the “Flat Iron Building” of Five Points in 1929. The name reflects the neighborhood which was named after the home estate of Sir Walter Raleigh in England. They needed a fresh look for all four of their pharmacies.


duke | center for addiction

Another development and design for a Duke University associated organization. The put an incredible amount of care into every project investment they make.


greg ruff md.

It was a pleasure striking a balance between a hyper feminine and vibrant aesthetic, and the clean and stable message a doctor's practice requires.


Hometown Apparel

Hometown Apparel is a Durham apparel store that offers DIY hands-on parties & workshops for creating custom, unique t-shirts.

Hometown Durham

american law foundation

The American Law Foundation needed a modern and inviting design, it was an honor to partner with them on the design and build of their website.


Julie Rodgers | Author of Outlove: A Queer Christian Survival Story

Julie is a person who I admire tremendously. She wrote Outlove. It is a memoir about Julie’s experience growing up at the center of the battle between Evangelicals and the LGBTQ community. It’s about love and losses, political and religious power-plays, and the cost to those who sought to stay in a faith community that wouldn’t accept them.

Julie Rodgers Screenshot

Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor is a best selling author, and working on this site has been one of the most exciting design processes I've taken on.


Chasing my Cure

David has one of the most awe inspiring stories I have ever read. This guy is a beast! I was honored to design and develop his website.

Chasing My Cure Website

Property Resources of Raleigh

Property Resources of Raleigh is a great company, which I've had a relationship with in the past. Working with them is always smooth, you should reach out if you ever have the need.


church of the holy family

CHF Episcopal in Chapel Hill, North Carolina needed a site that didn't look like everyone else. It had to capture the essence of the church, which is clean, modern and yet traditional at the same time. They've successfully managed the site using WordPress on their own since we launched it in April, 2013.


Blue Corn Cafe

Blue Corn Cafe is a local 9th street restaurant in Durham. Their mission is to provide mindfully crafted Latin American dishes and products with a focus on locally sourced foods. It was a delicious project.



Based in Durham, North Carolina, LALILAB is specialized in the sourcing of high quality raw materials for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries.


docking by control

I have a long history of working on marine related projects, Docking By Control is another example of a great company I've found within the industry.


summit construction

With a background in construction in my early years, prior to web design, it's nice to foster some relationships with companies within the industry like Summit Construction.


Wholesale Log Homes

Hilsborough has some of the most beautiful log homes, and Wholesale Log Homes is in part responsible. We needed to develop a theme that felt at home in the log environment while maintaining a connection to the hilsborough community aesthetic.


what the dog knows

Authors are some of my favorite clients. Assisting in promoting books is an interesting process since the medium of the book is the predecessor of the website.


LCMS Limited | Food allergen research

The challenge with this project was taking dense scientific jargon and making it into a site that speaks to other scientists and research focused companies

work LCMS Science Website Design

Woodcroft Community Association | HOA Website

Durham HOA, Woodcroft Community Association needed a website to help them inform their residents of what is going on in the neighborhood as well as attract new home buyers.

Woodcroft HOA Community Association

Anna Jean Mayhew

A.J. Mayhew is an author based in North Carolina who wanted a personlized, stylish design that fitted with her aesthetic.

Hometown Durham

mosquito tek franchise

Mosquito-Tek is a local Durham business that needed a complete identity package. After doing business cards, and the whole arsenal of graphic content I developed and designed this franchise site.



Enuma Okoro Enuma is an author, spiritual director and Professional speaker. She needed a site to promote all three areas of her passion. She had some great photography done. We felt it was important to feature that, front and center, while at the same time, emphasizing the important information that her clients need to know.


Know The System

Know The System is a bipartisan organization that focuses on communicating the political landscape to the laymen through blog posts, book reviews, and a short novella.


the alpha challenge

The Alpha Challenge is an elite competition between top business schools, hosted at UNC. I designed, built with usability in mind, and then provided a walkthrough so that they would be comfortable making changes in the future.


Logan's Garen Shop

Logan's Trading Company is a fantastic "One Stop Garden Shop" in the heart of Downtown Raleigh, NC. They wanted a really "rustic" look that was completely custom. I re-designed their logo and gave them a website that pops.


Mike Aponte

Mike's website is a great example of a personal promotion platform.


solutions irb

Solutions IRB's site is an example of an internet sales tool. Being an internet based company it's crucial they convert visitors into leads, and finally into clients.


Home Offer Team

When your business is primarily online, your websites importance is paramount. Working with Tyler at Home Offer Team, we really focused on creating an environnment that turned visitors into leads. From the placement of forms on pages, to the color scheme of the theme.



Eco-Tek is a local Durham business that needed a complete identity package. I did the logo, business cards, yard signs, advertisements as well as this website. The owner, Brendon, is thrilled with the results.


mantus anchors

The Mantus Anchor is a multipurpose, high-performance, new generation boat anchor. That might not mean much to you, but the passion that this company has for what it does had to be translated through the website. I created a beautiful website, a fully functioning online store, and many, many magazine ads that you'll find if you just pick up the latest issue of Cruising World.

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