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Let Toban Penner of Penner Web Design handle your WordPress web design. He is a web developer and designer from Durham, NC, and he specializes in anything WordPress, from customizations to template and theme creation. He can also take care of your SEO and graphic design needs. Contact him soon.  

Visitors could be browsing your WordPress site right now, but are they actually buying your products? The quality of your WordPress web design can make or break your site’s ability to convert traffic into actual customers. People tend to judge your business based on their initial impression of your web design. If it looks too plain or it looks like another WordPress site that hasn't been customized, potential customers may not be encouraged to further explore what you have to offer. To make sure that your visitors remain engaged, keep in mind these two tips:
Tip #1: Use memorable and effective colors.
The color palette of your WordPress site can influence visitor retention. Colors can subliminally encourage or influence certain emotions or actions in a person. Experts suggest using a limited color palette, with two other main colors that can go with your dark grey or black text. Make sure that the colors are consistent throughout the website. 
Tip #2: Hire someone to design your WordPress theme or template. 
Fixing the design and layout of your website can take a lot of your time and may distract you from other aspects of your business. Consider hiring a WordPress designer to help you out. Professional web designers are knowledgeable in all aspects of WordPress, so they can easily create the best layout that can reflect your brand and your business ideals. They know how to entice visitors to stay, explore, and eventually buy what you are offering. 
Contact Penner Web Design for professional WordPress web design. Learn more about our services and previous projects on this website. Aside specializing in handling anything WordPress, we can also assist in SEO, website maintenance, and web development.
Wordpress Web Design

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WordPress Developer

WordPressWordPress development is not something that is easily done by a DIY amateur, but requires an expert developer that is experienced in every facet of the project, from initial design using a theme that is customized to the vision and needs of every business, right down to when the WordPress site is launched. Toban Penner is a WordPress developer that has been dedicated to building custom WordPress sites since 2010, and he understands what makes the difference in how a WordPress website can offer the greatest benefits to each and every business.

Custom Theme Design

Once a layout has been determined, the first thing to consider for building the best WordPress site possible is to come to terms that selecting a theme that is commonly sold on WordPress theme websites will not make your company look unique. Toban Penner will design a WordPress theme that has the perfect combination of your company colors, your business logo, fonts that compliment your type of business, and wrap it all together with a theme that showcases your message.

Content Development

It's important that your website have the right look, but what's imperative is that your site answers all the questions correctly to any vistors that come to see your online presence. Every WordPress developer knows that a website without comprehensive content will only cause the vistors to leave as quickly as they arrived, so Penner Web Design can help write the perfect text for each and every page.

Site Structure

Developing a WordPress website that can offer the best user experience also means that every page is properly organized into a category structure that will allow visitors easy access to subtopic pages that thoroughly explain every product or service that your company offers. Toban Penner contructs every WordPress site using what is known as the "silo structure" so that each parent page has child pages that expand on the topic of the parent page.

WordPress SEO

The final piece to development of a WordPress website is to incorporate the perfect meta tags and other internal SEO elements that will allow your company to rank well on the search engines. What good is it if your website looks great, but is slow and can't be found on search engines such as Google? Penner Web Design will optimize your website to it's greatest SEO potential so that it loads quickly and is easily found at the top of the search results for your industry.

Wordpress Web Designer

Toban Penner of Penner Web Design has been a WordPress web designer for many years, and understands how to design a WordPress website from the initial inception right through to the final stages of development. Here's why companies across the US select him as one of the top experts in WordPress web design:

Custom Design

Every company that wants to present themselves as professional knows they must have a website that is unique in every way, and the very first part of this is to have a WordPress theme that is costomized to the exact specifications of each business. Toban Penner designs every WordPress site using themes he custom designs from scratch.

Deep Understanding of WordPress

One of the main reasons why Toban Penner is one of the best WordPress web designers in the country is because he has been working with WordPress for over 7 years and understands not only how the core files operate, but how to best utilize plugins, WordPress pages and posts, and WordPress SEO elements that will help each company he designs for excel within the search engines.

Ongoing WordPress Support

Once a website is built and is live on the internet, it's success is determined by an ever changing evolution of updates and how well it stands up against the competition. Penner Web Design supports every client by offering help in areas such as security, SEO, WordPress management, and content development. Very few WordPress website designers are as commited to their clients success as is Toban Penner.


Wordpress Designer

Designing a WordPress website can be as simple is picking out a theme that a million other websites use and adding some clever text and common images, but who wants to have a site that's anything but unique? Standing out on the internet requires finding the right WordPress designer that can not only create a custom WordPress theme, but can also design your website to use the perfect combination of colors, fonts, and text that presents everything in an organized and professional manner. Toban Penner of Penner Web Design has been a WordPress designer for over 7 years, and is among a handful of Wordpress experts that companies seek to design their websites in the United States.

Proper Layout Techniques

responsive WordPress designToban understands that designing a WordPress website first requires understanding how to layout the website structure that will be best suited to the needs of company he is creating the website for, so he helps them determine whether to use a full screen layout, a left or right sidebar layout, or a hybrid of all 3 depending on what content is being used within the design. Another element that comes into play that every WordPress designer needs to consider is how everything will look when the pages are loaded on various devices, so where the sidebars will be located when being seen on a tablet or phone are of great importance.

Designing the Perfect Custom Theme

What makes every website unique is what type of theme will be used to tie it all together, and Toban Penner knows how to design a WordPress theme that will be completely unique to every business he designs and develops for. Customizing a WordPress theme requires that every company has it's own correct combination of colors, fonts, images, and logo that need to emphasize that the company is completely professional and has taken the time and expense to be seen on the internet in the best light possible.

Selecting the Right Plugins

Once the overall look and layout of the site have been determined, next comes adding function to the website. Every website should have security and spam prevention, but will there be a need for online forms, polls, forums, or other elements that will add deeper interaction to the design? Penner Web Design helps each customer understand what utilities are available to help create the best possible scenario so that visitor conversion ratios are as high as possible.

Custom WordPress Development

Wordpress customization is easy with the help of Penner Web Design. Allow Toban Penner to create custom and easy to manage WordPress templates and themes that are search engine optimized. Contact him through his website to schedule a meeting within Durham, Chapel Hill, Raleigh, or anywhere else in the Triangle.  

WordPress is a versatile open-source system for easy content management, and it is widely used by bloggers as well as businesses. Even the non-technical user finds it easy to use. Simply add new articles, change the color and themes, and add new menus or pages. Free and default WordPress themes are available on WordPress itself, or you can download them from other websites. However, if you want a website that looks professional and memorable, go for full WordPress customization services.
Your visitors tend to associate your website's design with your business, brand, or name. Using a common or free WordPress theme can make your business look generic and too similar to others who also use non-customized WordPress themes. Hiring a designer and developer can get you started in creating a unique theme that is customized to your liking.
Customizing your WordPress site can make it stand out from other websites. There are WordPress custom theme and template designers who can easily add your content and logo, or change your entire layout to make your content easier to read and navigate. Choose a WordPress customization professional with years of experience in designing and creating high-quality WordPress themes for various successful businesses and individuals.
If you are looking for someone to customize your WordPress site, then you have come to the right place. Contact Penner Web Design to talk to one of the best web designers in North Carolina. Penner Web Design can create a fully optimized WordPress site for you, too. Get in touch through this website or call 919-724-4417.

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