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Wordpress Help

Wordpress Help

Even though WordPress is very user friendly, there are times when everybody runs across areas within WordPress that require some expert help. Toban Penner of Penner Web Design provides tutoring services that can make understanding WordPress much easier. Here are just a few suggestions that will help you better with WordPress:

Adding Pages and Posts

One of the main topics of discussion in the WordPress Help forums is what the difference is between a page and a post, and how to add each of them to a WordPress site.

  1. Pages are typically reserved for the main part of your website that covers products, services, About Us, or Contact Us pages.
  2. Posts are the interactive part of a WordPress website (the Blog) that is used for writing articles that are pertinent to the subject matter of your website, and also allows visitors to leave comments which you can in turn reply to for ongoing discussions.

Adding a page is just a matter of selecting "Add New" in the Pages tab in your WordPress Admin area, giving the page a title, writing what you want the page to be about and hitting Publish once you're satisfied with what you're written and maybe even added some pictures to help illustrate your text.

Adding a post requires that you click on "Add New" in the Posts tab in your WordPress Admin area, and just like pages you give it a title, write about an important topic that will aid your visitors in better understanding something that relates to your business, add some pictures and then hit Publish.

Adding Plugins

Another area where people need help with WordPress is how to add a new plugin to their website. Simply select Add New from the Plugins tab, and up in the Search plugins window write a few words that describe what type of plugin you're seeking (ex: polls and surveys), hit search and from all the results that are displayed select a plugin that is related to what you're looking for that has high ratings and as many downloads as possible (so it's been tried, tested, and works). Hit "Install Now", the "Activate" once it's installed, after which you'll see the setting for the plugin appear on the left side of your Admin screen.

Wordpress Help
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