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COVID-19 Business Adaptation

Inform your customers and clients with notifications, alerts, banners and informational pages during the COVID-19 protocols. Build a more integrated online approach to your business operations. Adapting to the broader economic implications is a critical and widespread need, and communication with your customers is the first step to maintaining productivity.

Comprehensive Services

Here at Penner Web Design, I feel it’s important to offer every type of website service you could possibly ever need in order for your site to be successful. I’m an expert at building custom theme WordPress websites where my web design skills can showcase your business or personal website in the most professional way possible. I can also create custom graphics that will compliment all your pages so that they are not only well written using the proper SEO methods, but they make sure your website is well illustrated. Once your website is built to standards of perfection, I also offer hosting plans to suit any budget, with both shared and high speed VPS hosting.

WordPress Development

Building a website the right way requires using a step by step web design process that leaves no stone unturned, and ensures your site is built to be as professional and user friendly as it can possibly be. I custom build all my websites using WordPress, which is the best content management system (CMS) in the world which has access to thousands of free features available through plugins, and can be easily maintained by just about anybody. Learn more about our Web Design Services

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SEO Optimization

As important as it as that your website look as professional as possible, it’s equally important that it can be easily found on the search engines using our SEO (search engine optimization) services to enhance its potential for beating out your competition. Our SEO services can fully audit your existing website to analyze all its strengths and weaknesses so that we can fix the weaknesses and bolster your strengths. For websites that we’re building from the ground up, we can incorporate our SEO methods directly into every part of your site so that it’s built for both speed and function, and afterward we can create a network of locations that will endorse your site with backlinks so that Google will see your products or services as the best choice whenever somebody does a search on the search engine. Learn more about our SEO Services

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Logo and Brand Design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so with the right graphics on all your web pages you can rest assured your message can not only be read through text, but can be seen through imagery that illustrates your products or services. If you don’t already have a logo, I can create a professional logo that will best represent all your company branding.
Not only can I create custom web graphics for your website or email campaigns, but I can also create traditional print graphics for flyers, posters, business cards, or magazine ads. Learn more about our Graphic Design Services

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Your website is your number one sales tool, and e-commerce is the direct generation of sales for you. It's important to build an understandable store, and using the tools like Woo-Commerce with expertise sets you apart from the competition. Your store needs to communicate sureness, and with a professional design and development with Penner Web Design we can make your leads comfortable as they shop.

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Web Hosting

Depending on your budget and your specific needs, we can host your website on our low cost shared hosting or on our high speed VPS servers that are designed for handling even the heaviest web traffic. We can manage all your hosting needs internally, or if you choose we can even provide you with your own cPanel so you can add as many email accounts as you wish, set up your own FTP accounts, track your traffic through Awstats, or even add and manage databases that tie to your account. Learn more about our Hosting plans

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Security and Management

Everything is good, until something goes bad. We've all experienced it. Hours on the phone with hosting providers trying to sort out what error is causing the mysterious problem you're having. If your website was a hobby, it might be acceptable. But as your number one sales tool, if your website goes down, or if you need to invest working time into fixing hosting problems, you're losing money. Learn more about my security and management programs and plans

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