WordPress Management Services

Penner Web Design’s WordPress Management Services means that you will be giving some tender care to the the many advantages WordPress affords. By having Penner Web Design do some of these routine WordPress Management tasks for you, you can rest easy that everything will be alright even if disaster strikes.

Offsite Backups

offsite website backupsOffsite backups are absolutely essential should something happen to your website. And many things can happen to your website;  because of hacking,  because a web-server misbehaves, or you yourself (heaven forbid!) making some changes which end up being a real disaster. I you have an updated ‘offsite backup’ of your entire website which can be easily restored then the problem isn’t nearly as big. Files stored in only one location, are, by definition vulnerable so when you have an ‘offsite backup’ you can rest easy.

WordPress Core and Plugin updates

WordPress plugin updatesWordPress Core and Plugin updates are a necessary and essential part of  the WordPress Management Services Penner Web Design offers. From time to time, WordPress, as well as WordPress Themes and Plugins will require updating, typically when developers release security patches or add extra functionality. One of the most important reasons for keeping your WordPress Core and Plugins updated is that outdated software is often vulnerable to hackers and updates are often created with that in mind.

Penner Web Design will set up your website so that WordPress will update automatically. Once your site is auto-updated your site administrator will be notified by email. If your WordPress installation can’t update itself automatically for one reason or another, we will be notified of this as well so that we can go in and do it manually. Plugins and Themes, however will not be updated automatically.  Penner Web Design makes it our business to make sure that all key components are updated in a timely manner so that your software is not only as secure as possible, but also has the latest functionality enhancements.

WordPress Security Monitoring

WordPress security monitoringWordPress Security Monitoring software which we can install will inform us immediately on any file changes that are happening … often a sign that malicious activity is taking place. Our security software monitors any attempts at malicious software uploads and prevents hackers from gaining control of your website. We can even set up this software so that it blocks the IP addresses from which these attacks are coming for whatever time frame we choose. This security monitoring software also can scan your website on a regular basis and will inform us immediately by email should any nasty virus or malware be found.  By providing WordPress Security Monitoring like this, we can nip any problems in the bud and keep your website operating smoothly.

The best protection is maintenance and Penner Web Design’s WordPress management services is the complete package. We can take care of your website so that it’s vulnerability is minimized. If you would like us to preform a our WordPress management services on your website contact us today!


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