WordPress Security Services

We know that website security is a key concern for any business and so Penner Web Design offers some advance WordPress Security Services. Any business website is likely to have at least 10 hack attempts every day and sometimes many more. We take website security seriously. Take a look at the services we offer and decide if one (or more) of them isn’t for you.

Malware Removal

malware removalIf your website has been compromised by malware you must act quickly before it is ‘blacklisted’ by key search engines like Google. If you task Penner Web Design with your Malware removal task, we would scan each file on your website to locate all the infected files. Next we edit the files, replace them with the original file or delete them to get rid of the malware. When we are finished, your website will be free of malware. Once this step is completed we can get the ‘blacklist’ designation by key search engines removed. In addition to the Malware Removal, we would also install software which would protect you from these kinds of attacks in the future.

Hack Recovery

Even secure websites are vulnerable to attacks and can be hacked. What are some steps that Penner Web Design would take to ensure that the Hack Recovery is complete? As mentioned above we would make sure that all files are free of Malware. Secondly, we would strongly suggest that you change all the passwords and usernames connected with the website. Thirdly we would make sure that WordPress, WordPress Themes and all Plugins are updated. Fourthly, we would make a backup of your website so that if this ever happens again, it could be restored easily. Lastly we would strongly suggest that you install security software so that this situation will not occur again.

Security Audit

Penner Web Design can perform a comprehensive Security Audit on your website. We can analyze the strength of your passwords, the appropriateness and visibility of your usernames, the security of your WordPress Database, the appropriate permission settings on your file system, your firewall and ‘brute force’ protection levels and much more. Usually our Security Audit is immediately followed by our ‘Security Hardening’ where we make sure that your entire website is protected against all outside threats. We can provide this service on a one-time or an ongoing basis.

Security Hardening

WordPress security monitoringPenner Web Design takes security in WordPress seriously, and we take steps at many levels to harden its security. Here are a number of the security hardening steps we would take on your website:

  • limit the number of people who have administrative access to your website
  • maintain reliable backups
  • keep your plugins, themes and core WordPress files up to date
  • maintain correct file permissions
  • install a firewall
  • setup security plugins
  • monitor malicious activity

Penner Web Design’s WordPress security services can recover your hacked website and protect if from further harm. Website hackers are getting more and more sophisticated and seem to enjoy nothing more than to bring websites down. Should you wish to engage our services to protect your valuable website content, contact us today!

Details and Pricing for WordPress Security Services