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Anna Jean Mayhew

A.J. Mayhew is an author based in North Carolina who wanted a personlized, stylish design that fitted with her aesthetic.

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Hometown Durham

Know The System

Know The System is a bipartisan organization that focuses on communicating the political landscape to the laymen through blog posts, book reviews, and a short novella.

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bull city design

This showcase website was a blast to work on. Simple, but I could stare at that table all day long..

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Julie Rodgers | Author of Outlove: A Queer Christian Survival Story

Julie is a person who I admire tremendously. She wrote Outlove. It is a memoir about Julie’s experience growing up at the center of the battle between Evangelicals and the LGBTQ community. It’s about love and losses, political and religious power-plays, and the cost to those who sought to stay in a faith community that wouldn’t accept them.

Julie Rodgers Screenshot

Kate Bowler

Kate is my wife, and a best selling author. Some of my favorite builds play on the integration of real-life artistic gestures into web based design.

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Barbara Brown Taylor

Barbara Brown Taylor is a best selling author, and working on this site has been one of the most exciting design processes I've taken on.

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what the dog knows

Authors are some of my favorite clients. Assisting in promoting books is an interesting process since the medium of the book is the predecessor of the website.

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Chasing my Cure

David has one of the most awe inspiring stories I have ever read. This guy is a beast! I was honored to design and develop his website.

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Chasing My Cure Website

Mike Aponte

Mike's website is a great example of a personal promotion platform.

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simply durham | exploring durham

Simply Durham paints an exciting and welcoming picture of the bull city.

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Enuma Okoro Enuma is an author, spiritual director and Professional speaker. She needed a site to promote all three areas of her passion. She had some great photography done. We felt it was important to feature that, front and center, while at the same time, emphasizing the important information that her clients need to know.

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Greg Ruff, MD.

It was a pleasure striking a balance between a hyper feminine and vibrant aesthetic, and the clean and stable message a doctor's practice requires.

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