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Custom WordPress web design is what I specialize in here at Penner Web Design. As a web design company, I make decisions on everything from the CMS (Content Management System) that I use to build each website, to the services that will provide support to that CMS, and everything in between. I want every website that I develop to be completely unique and professional looking, but most importantly it needs to be easy for my clients to use, and must offer user friendly functions to my clients customers so that every visitor to their website will utilize their products or services.


WordPress on tabletsIt's no secret that WordPress is the number one CMS in the world, which is why I build all of my custom websites using it. Behind the scenes of every WordPress website resides an Administration area that is full of useful functions that are easy enough to understand that practically anybody can use it to edit the content, add images, interact with website visitors, or even choose from thousands of free third party helpful add-ons. Learn more about WordPress and why it is the ideal CMS for your company.

Design Process

web designI understand the importance of each client's expectations, which is why my design process is done in such a way that the client's wishes are accurately reflected in the finished product. Although some websites suggest that there are as many as 8 different steps to the design process, at Penner Web Design I have distilled this down to four straightforward steps ... the most important being the initial conversation we have with you to discuss the vision you have for your future website. Learn more about the Design Process, and how your website is built from inception to launch.


website layoutOne of the most important elements in web design is the layout of the actual pages for your website. Creation of the custom WordPress theme, selection of colors, fonts, graphics of various kinds, site structure, page structure, and hundreds of other design elements define your layout. At Penner Web Design I have developed 5 criteria which provide guidance as I develop the layout for your website. I believe that following the key strategies in those criteria will provide you with a website you will be pleased with. Find out more about the layout criteria and implementation.

Site Development and Approval

Of course the best part of the entire site development and approval process happens when the website goes online. When will the website go online? When can you see it? Can you watch the process as the website takes shape? Read about the site development and approval process and how you can watch your website throughout development.

Website Services

Any website, no matter how well made and designed requires various services to keep it functioning smoothly, delivering quick page loads, and performing well on Google against the competition. Penner Web Design provides WordPress management and security services to make sure your site is always up-to-date, backed up in case of emergencies, and fully protected against malicious hackers. We also provide hosting so that your visitors won't experience long waits for your website pages to load, and SEO (search engine optimization) services that will help boost your presence on Google to the top so your customers can easily find you.

Web Design Reviews

by: Cindy B


We used Penner Web design for an overhaul to our existing website. What he created looks amazing! It is exactly what we were looking for. Toban was easy to work with, professional and efficient and we would highly recommend using him for all of your web design needs!

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As you can see by the extensive web design services we offer, we can meet and exceed the expectations you have for your business website. Give us a call today!


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