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LCMS Limited | Food allergen research

The challenge with this project was taking dense scientific jargon and making it into a site that speaks to other scientists and research focused companies

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LCMS Limited Science Web Design

duke | world food policy center

Building for the World Food Policy Center was one of the many developments I did for Duke associated organizations.

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Based in Durham, North Carolina, LALILAB is specialized in the sourcing of high quality raw materials for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, and food industries.

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the alpha challenge

The Alpha Challenge is an elite competition between top business schools, hosted at UNC. I designed, built with usability in mind, and then provided a walkthrough so that they would be comfortable making changes in the future.

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falcon research associates

Falcon Research Assocaites is a small start-up that offers assistance to peoople in all levels in academia.

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greg ruff md.

It was a pleasure striking a balance between a hyper feminine and vibrant aesthetic, and the clean and stable message a doctor's practice requires.

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duke | center for addiction

Another development and design for a Duke University associated organization. The put an incredible amount of care into every project investment they make.

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