SEO website auditPerforming an SEO website audit is the first step to uncovering all the details about your website that are both helping it and hindering it. The first part of the audit will examine anything that is technical related, such as your server and underlying code issues. Secondly we analyze every page within your website to uncover whether your site is well organized and correctly optimized to ensure each page is unique and user friendly on all devices. Last but not least we analyze all the factors that point to your website to make sure they are consistent and from trustworthy sources.

Technical Audit

The technical SEO audit digs into server speeds, site errors, and code issues that create multiple duplications of your content. When Google visits your site (through a sitemap that is current), it’s imperative that it can download all your pages in the most efficient manner possible and understand which pages are correct and not unintended duplication. The more pages that Google sees which show the same content over and over will not only confuse how it shows up in a search result, but it also depletes the overall importance of that page.

Internal Website Analysis

When we do the full internal analysis of your website, we check for optimization of site structure, page structure, meta tags (titles, descriptions, image alt), and most importantly your content. Your site may look great on a desktop computer but not on a cell phone (which is currently one of the biggest factors that Google looks at when determining which websites are preferred). The website needs to be organized in such a way that you sometimes have pages that can split off into sub-pages offering deeper explanations of the subject matter. This will ultimately strengthen your site as a whole. Each page needs to be 100% unique and offer the visitors an experience where they can learn from your website and not just be given a sales pitch.

External Website Analysis

Last but not least we do an external SEO analysis of all the factors that point to your website to make sure they are consistent and from trustworthy sources. How many websites link back to your website? Are they from locations where they are within the same type of industry that you’re in? Do you have social media users sharing your content with others? Is your content worth sharing? Through our external SEO analysis we’ll help you gain answers to these questions and much more

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