Although the actual design process is complex and incorporates many skills, what you, as a customer will experience when working together with Penner Web Design is straight-forward. We think that the  design process should be relatively easy to understand and efficient.

Here are the steps in our design process:

STEP 1:  a conversation between you and Penner Web Design in which you outline your hopes, wishes, ideas, and as many details as you wish about what you see going on in your website. Basically what we are trying to do is to During this conversation we will provide some feedback and in the end, will take a very good idea of what you would like away. You will have defined the web project in terms of parameters you have given us and that we both clearly understand

STEP 2: your ideas are put into graphic form (a ‘picture’ if you will, using Photo Shop).  We work on creating a ‘front’, ‘home’ or ‘landing’ page first. This is the page that the typical person who is browsing the web will see when ‘landing’ on your website. We also work on creating and ‘interior’ web page … which is the page that your customers would see should they explore your website beyond just the front page.

STEP 3: We send these ‘pictures’ to you and ask for your input. If you approve them we go on to Step 4. If you have further ideas or changes you want made, we go back to step 2. We will keep going back to step 2 until you are satisfied.

STEP 4: We implement the approved design in WordPress code.

As you can see, we like to make our design process straightforward and easy to understand. Conversations take the place of filling out forms and paper shuffling. You will love our no-nonsense approach. Contact us to find out more.