WordPress layout options are very diverse. This diversity comes about largely by the way the website is laid out. At Penner Web Design, we are specialists in WordPress layouts. We know that nothing will turn clients away from your website faster than cluttered, uninteresting and even confusing layouts.

design a custom WordPress themeHere are some of the key factors we take into account when work on your website’s layout:

  • the layout should be clear and straight forward
  • the  layout should provide useful information in an aesthetically pleasing way
  • the layout should engage the visitor with a variety of media
  • the website layout must be responsive … that is, it should be as attractive and easy to use on a small mobile screen as it is on your home PC.
  • your website’s layout should incorporate the latest SEO strategies to make sure that search engines find your website easily and quickly. One way to do this is to customize the page URL structure so that each page has what the page is about

A WordPress website layout is defined by a ‘theme’. There are many themes available and if you have found one that’s close to what you want, but aren’t quite happy with it,  we can customize the WordPress theme for you.

When you give Penner Web Design the task of creating a website layout for you, you can be guaranteed that you will be pleased with the result.