There are many ways that site development and approval can take place. Developers can develop the website in the privacy of their home or office and show the website to their client when everything is complete. At Penner Web Design we prefer to develop your website is such a way that you can actually follow our progress as we work on it. If you wish you can log onto our website development area and check out how things are going. Regardless of whether you wish to follow progress on a daily basis or just be informed when we are nearing completion, you don’t have to worry that you will be stuck with something you don’t like.

At Penner Web Design we make sure that you are kept in the loop during the entire Design Process. As we near completion we will ask you to do a final check on the website to certify that everything is the way you like. Only after you have given your final approval will we make the site ‘live’ so that your customers can view it.

Site development and approval is the final step, the step that will send your message out into the world. At Penner Web Design we make sure that development happens rapidly. You will see your website take shape, on time and on budget! Contact us today!