WordPress workshopIf you need some WordPress tutoring, then Penner Web Design will provide you with exactly that. Many of our website quotes provide for a one-to-one session where we show you how to log into your website, open up a page, change the page contents and then save the new page with the revised contents. Since the WordPress editor behaves almost like a normal Word Processor, the learning curve is very manageable. The hour or two of tutoring that you will need to become reasonably proficient at editing and saving the revised content can be worth thousands of dollars that you would otherwise spend on a web design firm (like us!) to implement those exact same changes.

In fact, this is one of the most powerful features of WordPress. Once the website has been designed, completed, approved and gone live, you, as a client can change the new website and edit it with relative ease. And remember … if you are having difficulty, Penner Web Design is always at the ready with more WordPress tutoring, should you need it! Contact us today!