4 Benefits of Using WordPress

responsive WordPress web designThere are a variety of different web design platforms that you can choose to design your website on. However, not all the options are equally good. Some options have just a few basic elements that you can use to create a site, meaning that many of the sites look the same. Other programs may be too complicated to use and may leave you frustrated with the end results. Here are four benefits of choosing WordPress to build your website.

1. WordPress Is Search Engine Friendly

One of the biggest benefits of using WordPress is that it is search engine friendly. This is important because you want your website to come up in a search when a potential customer is looking for a business like yours. WordPress makes it easy to use labels and keywords in a way that is great for the search engines, but does not involve keyword stuffing or other practices that the search engines no longer favor.

2. WordPress Is Easy to Use

WordPress is easy to use. It is a straightforward program that allows you to easily format and create your own site that does exactly what you want it to. The coding is not that difficult and there are a number of plug-ins that you can use to incorporate different aspects like social media into your website.

3.  WordPress Makes Blogging Easy

Along with the static pages for your website, WordPress has an easy to use blogging feature that allows you to quickly create posts that can keep your customers or your fanbase up to date on the happenings at your business. It is also a great platform if your primary business is content creation through a blog or similar website. The blog posts are archived and easy for people to go back and search if they want to.

4. WordPress Is Customizable and Versatile

WordPress allows you to create a site that is unique to you or your business. You can change everything from the background color to the page layout, and you can do it completely from scratch. However, there are many themes you can use if you do not consider yourself a designer. Another option is to hire someone to design the site for you. After the design is complete you can make updates or blog posts and keep the site updated.

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