Is WordPress Just for Blogs or Amateurs?

WordPress logoMany people may have originally heard of WordPress when people began blogging because it was a popular platform for bloggers. One of the main benefits of WordPress is it is so user friendly and there were a number of themselves available for people to use, it quickly gained popularity. While WordPress is a very good blogging platform, it is capable of doing so much more than just serving as a blog.

WordPress Is Used by Well-Known Companies

There are a number of well-known companies that use WordPress as their web platform. This includes companies like The New Yorker, Variety, Time and The New York Times Company. The designers for these sits were able to effectively use the WordPress platform to design pages that share information in unique ways. Each of the brands are distinctive from each other and visiting the sites, you are likely able to recognize them without seeing the name of the website.

WordPress Supports Retail Sites

There are plugins available that allow you to create a site that can handle selling items on the WordPress platform. While WordPress may not have been originally designed for ecommerce, the development team through the years have worked to make it possible. When looking at the different plugins available to do this, be sure to carefully check the security information. While many feature and plugins of WordPress are free, it is worth the added security and support that is available by using a plugin that you pay for.

WordPress Has a Community and Support

Since WordPress is such a popular platform a support community has been created around it. This community offers design solutions like themes or plugins. They may be able to help when you run into an issue with plugins not working together or be able to recommend the security measures you need to take to keep your website secure. This makes WordPress a great choice if you are designing your own website for your business, along with more flexibility than other web platforms that are more limited in the different formats that you use.

WordPress Scales Well

When you design in another platform, your site might not scale from mobile to tablet to a laptop well. Since the majority of people are spending their time online on their phones or tablets, it is important to have a site that scales well for your business. WordPress does it for you without causing any issues. This will keep your customers and followers happy.

Posts Make It Easy to Keep Customers Informed

Another advantage of WordPress is the blogging function. While you can design a website that does not include blogging, you can easily work one in if you want to. Posting is easy and it can give your customers something new to look at and read every day.


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