New Years Resolution Achieved

Back on January 15th, I mentioned that getting my site on page one of Google for the search term “Durham web design” was one of my goals. I put a tonne of SEO work into the site in January and part of February. But at some point in February, the fruits of my labor began to work in my favor. Work has been very busy since then and I haven’t had a chance to update my site. Well, I checked a couple of weeks ago and realized that my site is on page one of Google for Durham web design. I’m pretty excited about it. Business has been picking up because of it, and it gives me a great example of what I can do for my clients.

So… it’s April, and I don’t have any more resolutions to achieve. I guess it’s been a good year. Business has been so good that I’ve been throwing around the idea of hiring somebody to help me out. It’s a tough decision. On one hand, my business is me. And if I introduce somebody else into the picture, it starts to become less me, and more out of my control. Also, I feel as if hiring somebody adds a lot of responsibility on my part. If I want my business to grow, this will be the next step. But I’m just not sure I’m ready for it. It might take a few months/years for me to warm up to it.

Durham Web Design, I am owning you

My work on getting ranked for Durham Web Design is going splendidly. I’m #1 for Durham web design on Bing, #3 on Yahoo, and I’m at the top of page 3 on Google. That’s a pretty big leap in 3 weeks. I started out on page 18 of Google three weeks ago. So I’m pretty excited about this. I’ve changed a lot of the structure of my site and placed key words in strategic places. I’ve worked on my incoming links and removed all errors from my code and optimized it for all the search engines. I’ve done xml sitemaps, registered with all the search engines, registered for maps and local searches and done a million other things. It’s all paying off, literally (I got a phone call today with a new customer in Raleigh, NC).

Need to rank for a keyword? I suppose now, I can tell people I really know what I’m doing. Do a search for “Durham Web Design”, and see where I come. Then do a search for what your customers are searching for, and see where you come up. If you’re not happy with that result, give me a call and I’ll help you out.