The Problem With Durham

Living and designing websites in Durham, NC has been a blessing and a curse. It’s great to live in a place with great weather, tonnes of business, and large trees shading my little house. But when those large trees drop limbs with an 8 inch diameter on my house when I am away for Christmas, it upsets me. We arrived home from our Christmas vacation to find a limb the size of a regular tree on our roof, and subsequently, a whole in our roof. I quickly patched it up, only to come back inside and find some water damage. Nothing major, but this afternoon, I’m going to have to tear a hole in our knee wall upstairs to make sure it’s dry so as to prevent mold. Not impressed. Thanks Durham. Maybe if I lived in a Raleigh or Cary cookie cutter house in the suburbs with no trees, I could design your website this afternoon. But as it stands, I’m busy.

Website Design in the Northern Wasteland (Winnipeg)

It’s the holiday season, and I’m stuck indoors, surrounded by way too much food and family. It’s almost unbearable (but in a good way). If I try to escape the food and family by going outdoors, I’m bombarded by a blindingly white snowy landscape. The snow is nothing short of spectacular, it seems to cover everything that is unimportant and directs your attention to things worth looking at. It focuses my attention on what is truly beautiful.

With so much white space outside my window, it makes me sad to see almost no white space on my computer screen.

Website Design has as much to do with what you put on the page as it does with what you don’t put on the page.

White space on a page directs potential customers eyes to what you want them to look at on the page. It shows them what is important, without screaming at them.

A cluttered, poorly designed site is one of the worst things you can do. If you try to emphasize everything, you’ll end up emphasizing nothing. You’ll have a loud, busy website that is difficult on the eyes. This can’t wait to be a good way to start a business relationship.

Just something to consider when you are thinking about your website design and choosing a web designer.