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WordPress is one of the most versatile web design platforms available. WordPress is also user friendly with themes and plugins that make it easy to create a unique website without knowing a lot about coding or design. However, there is more that you can do if you understand basic coding and design elements.

What Type of Coding Does WordPress Use?

WordPress uses a variety of code including HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. When you use the code, you maybe overwriting defaults or designing something that is completely unique. Understanding the coding and the coding standards set forth by WordPress is essential if you plan to code your own plugins or design.

Do I Need to Be Able to Code to Use WordPress?

WordPress does not require you to learn how to code to create a website for you or your business. WordPress has a variety of themes that you can choose to use and that you can customize by adding your won photos or logos. There are also a variety of both free and paid for plug-ins that can help with your websites functionality like setting up a shopping cart or providing a contact form on the page.

How Can Learning Coding Help Me with WordPress?

Learning the coding can help you if you want to become a WordPress web designer. Learning to code can allow you to tweak the plug-ins that you use or to create a unique design. If you want to become a full-time web designer, you can become more independent by learning to code, and stop relying on or paying for plugins for the sites you design. Learning to code can also help you to find any issues that may develop in your website and then know how to fix them on your own.

Where Can I Learn WordPress Coding?

There is information learning coding for WordPress on the WordPress site. Many universities and community colleges will offer basic classes that can get you started. There are also tutorials available online that make it easy to learn if you are self-motivated and dedicated to completing the design on your own. If you are a hands-on learner the tutorials may be enough to get you started and going. As you begin to code, you may decide that you want to take a class that can teach more about the entire design process.


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