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Basic SEO guide for creating posts for your blog

Here is a very basic SEO guide for beginners who want to use their blog to improve their search engine ranking.  In it, I assume you’re using the plugin “All in One SEO”. 1. Choose a keyword that people would

Switzerland and France

Toban, this whole country is a scam! I met one of my clients in Switzerland to discuss some business, and this was his summation of the country. There certainly is some truth to that. Twenty Swiss Franks for a Burger

The last 3 months

Yesterday, my son Zachary turned 3 months old.  Since his birth, my life has been completely turned upside down.  My wife and I are tremendously lucky in that we both essentially work from home.  Of course, as most parents know,

It only took me a year

At the end of 2012, on Christmas holidays in Winnipeg with the family, I had the delusional idea that I could finish a new website for myself by the end of that year. Of course, the holidays got in the

Tooting my own horn

Today, I did a vanity search for “Toban Penner”. As embarrassing as that sounds, I was surprised to see that I was quoted on the News and Observer site. They were asking me about Google’s “Get Your Business Online program