SEO page one quest… update. Penner Web Design: 1, Yahoo: 0

Yup… it took me 5 days, and I’m on page one of Yahoo for the search term “Durham Web Design”. At the very bottom of page one, but I’m there none-the-less. This all happened while I was trying to optimized for Google… not Yahoo! The point is, when you do SEO the right way, all the search engines will find you. Google will take much longer though. They say that it takes Google around 3-6 months to rank your site properly. Right now, I’m still on page 18 there, but I’ve made many adjustments to my site and I’ve been building as many links as I can. It’s only a matter of time before I conquer Google…

Contact me if you want me to fix your site so you can have better rankings.

Here’s the proof:
Yahoo ranking for durham web design

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